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To Get Started Follow The SImple Steps Below!

  • Step 1 Use Google Chrome Browser and go to TronLink.org and download the FREE Google Chrome Extension. This will get you a Tron Wallet. Takes about 5 minutes to do. Make sure you create a good password and write down your recovery information and store it off line for security. 
  • Step 2 Exchange Bitcoin for Tron. You can do this in Exodus.io which is a desktop wallet. SImply download the FREE wallet, transfer the bitcoin to the wallet and exchange for Tron. If you have Bitcoin in another wallet you can simply go to changelly.com exchange Bitcoin for Tron and send the Tron to your new Tron Wallet.
  • Step 3 once your Tron Wallet is funded then click the yellow get access button below and register for the program. Make sure you have logged into your Tron Wallet BEFORE accessing the link below. 
  • Once on the enrollment page simply choose how much Tron you want to deposit. You can deposit up to 100,000 Tron (TRX). You will receive 1% per day until you receive back 310% of what you deposited. As an example: If you deposit 100,000 Tron you will get paid 1000 Tron Per Day until you get back 310,000 Tron! 
  • As a bonus you also get the appreciation in the value of Tron! If Tron just increases to $1.00 per coin your 100,000 would be worth $300,000.00! 
  • ***If you need ANY assistance with any of the steps above or if you are completely new to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency contact the M.I.H Team Member below for assistance. We can get you up and running and positioned to receive Daily Passive Income 7 Days Per Week in about 30 minutes!
If you have any questions or you need assistance in getting set up contact M.I.H ( Make It Happen) Team Member
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