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Here Is How The Auto Pilot Recruiting System Can Create A Passive Weekly Income For YOU!

The Auto Pilot Recruiting System (APRS) is a recruiting system that you can put to work the day you join our team. It will market the business for you, follow-up with prospects for you, work to recruit people into the business, and when they do, they will be placed beneath you. It works so well that we guarantee that at least 2 of the 6 Business Center positions required to fill your matrix will be filled through the purchase of one APRS recruiting unit! 

If those 2 also use the APRS then you just completed one 2x2 cycle, and the process can repeat itself, over & over & over. Imagine what would happen if you sponsored other people too!

The way it works is simple: Our marketing department mass markets the business opportunity by driving traffic to our website. After a prospect responds to an ad by going to our website, they will be asked to fill out the lead capture form by providing us with their name, email address and phone number. By doing do, they are opting into our Auto Pilot Recruiting System where they will have access to our website, sizzle call, and conference calls. At that point, every few days, they will receive follow-up emails, text messages, and phone calls from our sales department encouraging them to join our team. 

They will receive this follow-up until they either join us or opt out of our follow-up system.

A nominal fee of just $89 will activate one unit for you in the APRS. The purchase of one unit promises to get two business center positions recruited beneath you. Only one unit can be purchased at a time, for each Business Center that you have (if you have 2 BC’s you can purchase 2 units, and if you have 3 BC’s you can purchase 3 units). If the people who are sponsored beneath you also utilize the APRS you will automatically cycle, and then this process can repeat itself, and you will earn a cycle check every time it does, as well as earn 100% Matching Bonuses, and $100 Leadership Bonuses upon qualification.

The APRS is as Automated as it gets! Put it to work for you today, and begin your very own, personalized, economic stimulus plan to help get you through the uncertain economic conditions that are upon us.

Here Is How YOU Get Paid!

  • Cycle commissions: complete your 2x2 matrix and, and earn $325

  • 2

    1st Level Bonus: When a member from your 1st level cycles, you earn a 100% Matching Bonus!

  • 3

    2nd Level Bonus: When a member from your 2nd level cycles, you earn a 100% Matching Bonus!

  • 4

    $100 Leadership Matching Bonus: When a personally sponsored member cycles you earn an additional $100 Leadership Bonus!

    Through this Team Build Approach to cycling you can rest assured that the people you sponsor into SOS are more likely to cycle… even if they take a passive approach to this business, and it’s possible because of our unique approach to the recruiting and commissioning process!

There Are Multiple Ways You Can Receive Commissions To Create A Consistent Passive Income With SOS

  • You sponsor new Members who always start in the first open position in your matrix.

  • You purchase a Unit in the Auto Pilot Recruiting System (APRS).

  • Duplication occurs within your matrix (i.e., Members who fall into your matrix sponsor other Members who also fall within your matrix).

  • Spillover. People above you sponsor people who fall in your matrix.

  • Re-Cycling! Everybody who is sponsored by you will cycle back to you when their 2x2 matrix is filled, helping you cycle and earn additional Cycle Commissions.

Once your matrix is filled the computer will automatically re-cycle you in the next position in your sponsor’s matrix – this will benefit your sponsor, as you will cycle back into your sponsor’s matrix, where you will take a new position in your sponsor’s matrix. Likewise, those who you sponsor will always follow you by cycling back into YOUR matrix, which means they will occupy a new position in YOUR matrix, which can help you complete additional 2x2 cycles.

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