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NEW To Bitcoin? Get Your Own Bitcoin Wallet And Fund It With Bitcoin In
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  • Step 1 Go HERE to Blockchain and at the top of the page click on "sign up" to register for a new account. You will be taken to a page that says  "create a free Bitcoin wallet". Follow the instructions and in a matter of minutes you will officially have your own bitcoin wallet! Once you have access to the back office login and click on the "request button" this will give you a bitcoin wallet address you can use to receive bitcoin from others. Copy this address in a note pad and save it to your computer. I also recommend printing it out and keeping a copy offline along with your wallet id.
  • Step 2 Go HERE this will take you to mycoinmama.com where you can buy bitcoin with a credit /debit card or checking account. Credit/Debit card is the fastest funding option. Just give them your new bitcoin address and your account will be funded within about 30 minutes! Make sure you request at least $5-$10 more than you need since the price of bitcoin does fluctuate and there are a few fees. As an example if you want $25 in bitcoin buy $30 or $35 just to be safe.