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Just for clarification D9 Club Generates Profits From Sports Trading
Which is DIFFERENT than Sports Betting!

What is Sports Trading?

Many may confuse Sports Trading with sports betting. I am afraid that that is not how Sports Trading works. In sports betting, one places bets on the outcomes of a particular sports activity before it takes place, making it a basic system of profit or loss.

Money in the stock exchange or capital markets is made by capitalizing on the price movement of financial assets. The idea is to buy low and sell high. This applies to Sports Trading as well. The market, which is influenced by people who take part in the Sports market (sports betters and merchants) moves over $100,000,000 (One hundred million) per day worldwide.

Now D9 Club as a company has been taking part in Sports trading for more 6 years partnered with the world's largest sports exchange, Betfair. And with sports trading, the outcome of the sporting events is irrelevant. We make money irrespective of which team wins.

Therefore, D9 Club's main activity is to take part in the sports trading, sharing the returns with all its members on a weekly basis.

Who is the founder of D9 Club?

The person behind the D9 Club concept is none other than Danilo Santana from Brazil. He has been in the business of generating wealth creation projects for more than ten years. He officially launched the D9 Club to the world in January 2016. The head office of D9 Club is situated in Recife, Brazil

Danilo Santana with his wife Kelly Gouvêia

In Africa, D9 Club was first launched in Uganda in November 2016 and the current head of D9 club in Africa is Smart Protus from Uganda.

D9 Africa representative Smart Protus with CEO Danilo Santana and career plan President Luis Durigon

One of the first leaders meetings held September 2016 in Brazil

Contact Owen Brown with any questions at 484 322-2696